Notice Boards Australia is a family business that has designed, developed and now manufactures the most innovative, attractive and robust lockable outdoor and indoor Notice Boards, Notice Cases and Outdoor Display Cabinets that Australia has available.

We want to give you display opportunities that reflect how much your Notices matter.  We also know that price matters and we are able to custom-make your Boards at off-the-rack prices.

We don't just sell you what we've got - we provide you with what you want and need.

Custom quotes within 24 hours of getting your specifications.  Delivery Australia-wide is easily arranged.

Have a look at where our Boards have been used - all around Australia in Councils, Schools, Businesses, Mines, Ports, Beaches, Churches, Museums,  Real Estate Agents, Kindergartens and Major Sporting Venues,  and the list goes on.

We provide quality.  A quality product - quality service and post-sales support and a quality Board appearance that reflects your corporate style and the quality of your business.